emergency medical servicesMedical transports play a very crucial role in the emergency medical services. These medical transports are also known as ambulances. The term ambulance came from Latin word “ambulare” which means “to move about or to walk” in reference to early medical care where patients were moved, by lifting or wheeling.

They not only provide transportation to the patient or the injured from any location to the nearby hospital but also provide the emergency medical care needed on board before they reach the hospital. These medical transports are equipped with very essential and critical medical equipment and supplies. The emergency medical services (EMS) professionals onboard are trained to respond and handle any critical medical situations and provide acute care before the patients are transported to their definitive care. All the medical transports have at least an emergency medical technician (EMT) or a paramedic onboard. There are a few types of medical transports. The appropriate medical transport is dispatched depending on the criticalness of the situation. Sometimes lives of patients depend on how fast they can get the help of medical transport and EMT. An ambulance is a vehicle to transport a patient or the injured from or between places of treatment or injury. The ambulance can be a van, boat or a helicopter.

Types of vehicles that are commonly used as ambulances or for medical transport are a pick-up truck, helicopter, a boat, fixed-wing aircraft etc, and for non emergency medical transportation they offer luxurious shuttle buses. A helicopter is usually used for emergency care either in places inaccessible by road ambulances or when the responders determine the condition of the patient to be critical or grave and there is an urgent need to airlift to trauma center. These helicopters are equipped by all the vital medical equipment like ECG’s, ventilators, CPR equipment, medications, and medical supplies. Air ambulance provides the higher level of care at the scene of trauma. These air ambulance EMS also provide critical care during inter-facility transport from community hospitals to trauma centers. Fixed wing aircraft: These can be used in acute emergency care in a remote area or for transportation between distant hospitals. Boat: They can serve as ambulances in the islands or medical emergencies on the¬†water.